Disappointing News – No Presidential Proclamation for Greater Grand Canyon Heritage National Monument

Saddle Mountain Wilderness, North of Grand Canyon. Alicyn Gitlin photo.

We are extremely sad to learn that President Obama has decided not to designate Greater Grand Canyon Heritage National Monument.

Grand Canyon is under threat, and we all must fight harder in coming years than we’ve ever fought before. Her plateaus will lie vulnerable for years to come.

  • Large core habitats and intact wildlife corridors could be diced to pieces by mining and logging roads, pipelines, and power lines.

  • Sparkling night skies risk being obscured behind the lights of mining operations.

  • Ancient forests could be turned into wood products for export.

  • Life-giving springs could carry contamination – or they could be depleted altogether.

  • Cultural sites are unprotected from mines and irresponsible off-road recreation.


We will need every voice, every photo, every song, every opinion piece, every rally, every signature to call out in defense of Grand Canyon!


There are many of you to thank for supporting this effort, but above all, we want to thank Representative Raúl Grijalva for his commitment to defending Grand Canyon, and his reintroduction of the Greater Grand Canyon Heritage National Monument Act in Congress. We will continue to recruit support for this bill and we will continue to #ProtectGrandCanyon. Onward!

See Representative Grijalva’s press release, which includes quotes from tribal leaders and conservationists, here.



About Protect Grand Canyon

Sierra Club's Restore and Protect the Greater Grand Canyon Ecoregion Campaign. Looking out for the 11,400 species that live in & love Grand Canyon!

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