Grand Canyon lovers! Public meetings in Flagstaff this week!

Please attend to protect (and celebrate) places we love!


–> **LEARN WHERE YOUR FEES GO** Tuesday, Dec. 2, 6-8pm – Grand Canyon National Park Fee Increase Open House at 1899 Ballroom of the High Country Conference Center located at 201 West Butler Avenue, Flagstaff.  Comments due Wednesday, January 7, 2015. (They should increase entrance fees for noisy air tour riders also, but that is not part of the proposal. You can ask for it.)

–> **PROTECT OUR ECOSYSTEMS** Wednesday, Dec. 3, 4-6pm – Uinkaret Mountains Landscape Restoration Project Open House at Embassy Suites Conference Room, 706 S. Milton Rd.  Comments due December 18, 2014.  (This is a project that proposes to use chemicals and chaining to remove sage brush and juniper from portions of Grand Canyon-Parashant National Monument, but does not propose better managing cattle to improve grassy understories.) Send a letter or get ideas for your own here.

–> **PROTECT OUR FORESTS** Thursday 6-7:30pm – Four Forests Restoration Initiative Open House at the Aquaplex, 1702 N. 4th St. (The Final Environmental Impact Statement and Draft Record of Decision have just been released at  You can view the Sierra Club’s statement on the release here.

–> **COME TO A PARTY!** Thursday 6-8pm – Walnut Canyon National Monument Centennial Kickoff Celebration at Museum of Northern Arizona, Branigar Chase Hall. (Time to celebrate a good thing!)

To get more involved, or for more information on Sierra Club’s position on these items, contact Alicyn Gitlin at (928) 774-6514 or


About Protect Grand Canyon

Sierra Club's Restore and Protect the Greater Grand Canyon Ecoregion Campaign. Looking out for the 11,400 species that live in & love Grand Canyon!

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