Peshlakai advocates for creation of Grand Canyon Watershed National Monument



July 10, 2014
Contact: C. Murphy Hebert


STATE CAPITOL, PHOENIX – Rep. Jamescita Peshlakai, D-Cameron (District 7),

recently added her name to a letter sent to President Barack Obama, urging
him to establish the Grand Canyon Watershed National Monument.

The proposed national monument would be located within the Kaibab Plateau in
the Grand Canyon watershed region.

“The Grand Canyon is a sacred site for many Native American nations,”
Peshlakai said. “It has both cultural and environmental significance. The
Kaibab Plateau alone is home to 22 sensitive plants and animals, some of
which can’t be found anywhere else in the world. It is an invaluable
resource and must be kept safe.”

The letter called for the president to use his authority under the
Antiquities Act to protect the Grand Canyon’s watershed by establishing it
as a national monument. It also outlined several key threats to the area,
such as:

*   Uranium mining
*   Loss of habit connections for wildlife
*   Logging of ancient trees
*   Irresponsible off-road vehicle use
*   Unsustainable livestock grazing

“Making this region a national monument will protect it, which will ensure
it is respected and taken care of for generations to come,” Peshlakai said.
“Regardless of when the president acts, I will continue to advocate for
safeguarding this region.”



About Protect Grand Canyon

Sierra Club's Restore and Protect the Greater Grand Canyon Ecoregion Campaign. Looking out for the 11,400 species that live in & love Grand Canyon!

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