Help Improve the Coconino National Forest Plan!


The Coconino National Forest just released its Draft Land and Resource Management Plan.  Everything the Forest does for the next 15-20 years must comply with this Plan.  The Plan includes direction on wildlife protection, logging, fire, recreation, wilderness, water sources, energy development, and more.

We here at Sierra Club are assembling a team of volunteers who care about the future of the Coconino.  If you’d like to help us improve the Coconino National Forest Plan, please visit this doodle poll and let us know when you’re available to meet in Flagstaff, or call Alicyn to talk about how you can get involved at (928) 774 6514.

Opportunities for involvement include contributing to Sierra Club comments on the Draft, creating individual comments on items of interest to you, visiting specific locations to confirm that the Plan recommendations are appropriate for those areas, and helping to raise awareness about the Plan revision process.  No experience necessary – just bring a love for wild places!

Thank you for your interest! Don’t forget to visit that Doodle poll now:

Also, visit the Coconino National Forest Planning web page for more information about the planning process and to submit comments directly to the Forest Service.  If you need help understanding any of the documents on that web page, feel free to call on me.



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