Colorado River Protection Opportunity!


Support healthy flows in the Colorado River! The Glen Canyon Dam Adaptive Management Work Group will have a rare meeting in FLAGSTAFF on August 29-30. (They usually meet in Phoenix.) Please come speak.

What is the Glen Canyon Dam Adaptive Management Work Group?  – A team of Grand Canyon and Colorado River “stakeholders”, representing interests in conservation, water delivery, power generation, recreation, and government. They make recommendations to the Secretary of the Interior on how to operate Glen Canyon Dam.

Why should you care?

1) Water managers need to hear that the public wants a healthy Colorado River ecosystem prioritized above all else! Healthy flows aim to protect beaches, native vegetation, fish, and the entire food web. The public rarely shows up to these meetings, and the conservation stakeholders need our support!

2) Right now, there is a process to formulate a new management plan for Glen Canyon Dam. The new plan, called the Long Term Experimental and Management Plan (LTEMP), will guide dam operations for 20 years. Be positive and supportive of the effort to create a plan, and say that you want Grand Canyon/Colorado River protection prioritized above all else.

You can link to Sierra Club’s LTEMP talking points here, or view Grand Canyon Trust’s here.  


Meeting will be held on August 29-30 at the
 Radisson Woodlands Hotel,
1175 West Route 66,
Flagstaff. See the Agenda for topics to be discussed. The public is invited to give comments at 5:15 on Wednesday and 1:15 on Thursday. **We’re thinking the best time to get a bunch of people there would be Wednesday at 5:15.

 For a full list of this meeting’s topics and times, go to, Under “Pre-Meeting Information”, click on Agenda.

Learn more about AMWG at

You don’t have to say much (but you can). Just introduce yourself. Tell them that you care about the river, and you hope they’ll manage the dam for natural resources, for the health of the Colorado River, to restore Grand Canyon, etc… however you want to say it. That’s all you have to do. If you want, tell a personal story, get more scientific, quote from policy documents, recite poetry, whatever feels right. The important thing is that you care about the river enough to be there.


About Protect Grand Canyon

Sierra Club's Restore and Protect the Greater Grand Canyon Ecoregion Campaign. Looking out for the 11,400 species that live in & love Grand Canyon!

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